Dhamma Pubbananda
Picture of servers eating lunch outside in the server dining area.

Dhamma Service Period
5/1/2022 - 5/11/2022

It’s time for Spring cleaning! So much to do!

We invite all vaccinated old students to join the Dhamma community at the Center for time together in meditation, sharing meals, and of course, lots of work projects. We open the Center twice per year when courses are not taking place, to deep clean, tend the grounds, and accomplish other projects that cannot be managed while courses are in progress. This is a wonderful time to connect with fellow meditators and strengthen your practice while learning how to apply Dhamma in life.

Dhamma service is an extraordinary opportunity to help keep the wheel of Dhamma rotating. Selflessly serving with a feeling of gratitude helps others, and at the same time, benefits the one who is serving.

Register here for full time or part time attendance.

Picture of servers working in the garden. Picture of servers renovating building space.

With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time for longer periods of service. If availability and scheduling is a challenge, there are always Between Course Service Periods (BCS) occurring regularly in between all the courses. These start on Sunday and end on Wednesday. Even one or two days service during this time is a big help to get the Center ready for the next course. Click on the link above to register.

Updated COVID Protocols

We are happy to announce that we are able to relax some of the protocols that have been in place at the Center. The biggest changes include:

  • No PCR testing requirement – only rapid antigen testing
  • Allowing public transportation and ride share
  • Part time service accepted

Please see the details on the website.

“May Dhamma grow. Keep on enjoying Dhamma by growing in Dhamma, under the shelter of Dhamma. May Dhamma grow, so that more and more suffering people round the world grow under the shelter of Dhamma, and come out of their misery. May Dhamma spread for the good of many, for the liberation of many.”

– S.N. Goenka