Vipassana Videos

What Brought Me to Vipassana?

Introduction to Vipassana

In this video, S.N. Goenka introduces the technique of Vipassana in a simple, short way. He clarifies many doubts and explains what the technique is, and how it can help you. He details the history of the technique and also explains what you will learn during a 10-Day Vipassana Course.

Practicing Vipassana: Student Experiences (15:21 min)​

At the Italian Vipassana Centre, students from various European countries talk about how they first came to a course of Vipassana in this technique and what the practice has meant to them in their lives.

The Dhamma Brothers | 2008 – Film and Book

Donaldson Correctional Facility, situated in the Alabama countryside southwest of Birmingham is considered the state’s most dangerous prison, yet here many prisoners practice Vipassana Meditation. The book and the film describe the Vipassana courses conducted at the prison.
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