October 2023

Sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā’ti
yadā paññāya passati,
atha nibbindati dukkhe;
esa maggo visuddhiyā.

All things are impermanent;
when one observes this with insight,
then one becomes detached from suffering;
this is the path of purification.

– Dhammapada 277

10-Year Dhamma Pubbananda Anniversary &
Centennial of S.N. Goenka,
October 20-22, 2023

For those wishing to join for the special program Saturday 10/21 and 1-Day course 10/22 at the Center. Registration is required:
You can view the tentative schedule here: Annual Old Student Gathering Schedule
And here is the flyer for the event.

Server Needs for Upcoming Courses
at Dhamma Pubbananda

Dhamma Pubbananda is currently looking for Old Students to help serve on the following courses:
10-Day course starting October 25: No servers are currently needed. Males and females can apply for the waitlist.
10-Day course starting November 8: Need 2 full-time male and 2 full-time female servers.
20-Day course starting November 24: Need 3 full-time male and 3-4 full-time female servers.

Dhamma Story
Outer Guise Does Not Make One a Recluse

Once upon a time the Buddha was dwelling at Pubbarāma in Srāvastī. King Prasenjit also arrived there. After some time some ascetics passed that way. A few of them had matted hair, a few of them were naked and all had their bodies smeared with ash and some were wearing different robes. The king rose from his seat in reverential salutation to them and introduced himself to them. The ascetics gave him their blessings and went away. Then king Prasenjit said to the Buddha –

“Venerable Sir! These ascetics are among those in this world who are either enlightened or are established on the path of enlightenment. The Buddha after observing their condition said” –

“It is not so, His Majesty! A person does not become enlightened or get established on the path of enlightenment merely by changing the guise. One has to strive in the right manner to achieve this. Even if someone finds the right path, yet a wise person has to stay with him for a long time to know whether he is walking on the path in the right way or not. In a short period it is not possible to know about his true conduct. His Majesty! One’s honesty or dishonesty can be judged by his conduct and behavior only. That also is possible only after observing his day-to-day activities for a long period”.

Only a wise person is capable of keeping a watch on his behavior properly and not everyone.

Only in times of adversity, the fortitude of a person’s mind can be known. In the same way, a person’s wisdom is known by discussion with him for a long time.

King Prasenjit was very much impressed with this explanation given by the Buddha and while begging forgiveness with amazement he revealed the truth.

Venerable Sir! all these are our spies. They collect secret information in disguise from within and also information about the activities of the neighboring states and keep me informed. Based on their information, I take necessary action after careful consideration. Venerable Sir! Now, these people will take a bath, wash away their ashes, rub scent on their bodies and after wearing clean clothes will enjoy the five kinds of sensual pleasures.

Hearing this, the Buddha explained –

“A person cannot be known by dress and adornment. One cannot know a person by merely looking at his dress and demeanor. Wicked persons also roam about in this world performing attractive actions with great self-control. They are like counterfeit earrings made of clay and coated with gold. They look outwardly beautiful but they are inwardly impure. So, without knowing thoroughly, never believe anybody. Merely on the basis of his outer dress and guise, only after carefully understanding his conduct, one should believe him”.