October 2022

“Na tāvatā dhammadharo, yāvatā bahu bhāsati;
Yo ca appampi sutvāna, dhammaṃ kāyena passati;
Sa ve dhammadharo hoti, yo dhammaṃ nappamajjati.

One is not versed in Dhamma because one speaks
much. Though one has heard only a little, if one is
diligent and observes the Dhamma by means of
one’s own body, one is truly versed in Dhamma.

Dhammapada-259, Dhammaṭṭhavaggo

Annual Trust Meeting

Dhamma Pubbanada Annual meeting is happening on October 21-23, 2022.
You can learn how the Meditation Center operates, meet fellow meditators in small group sittings, and hear from our Area Teachers.
For a schedule, please click here.
If you are attending in person, please register here.

Non-binary Course

Words from Fey, the course manager of the non-binary course:

From August 10th-21st, a Non-Binary/Trans+ course was held at an off-site location in Clifton, VA. This course was organized by a group of Non-Binary and/or Trans students who saw a need to make courses more accessible for their community. There were 10 students and 4 servers. The course was very successful, and everyone worked very seriously–no one even forgot to come to a group sitting on time! Many of the new students had been wanting to attend a course for a very long time, but had been waiting for a chance to sit a course where they felt welcomed and understood in their gender expression.
This course is now one of three that have taken place in North America in 2022 that have prioritized serving the LGBTQI+ community in the year 2022. The other two have happened in Dhamma Kunja in March and Dhamma Pasava in late August. We hope that this is the first of many more to happen in the Northeast, and there are plans in the works to have another course for the LGBTQI+ community in this region for 2023.
And here are some reflections from a server on the course:

“Reverence and gratitude filled the air at the 10-day course held for trans and nonbinary students in Clifton, Virgina in August. Meditators arrived who had waited years for an opportunity to hear these teachings in a setting that affirmed their experiences of gender. Aware of the unique and historic opportunity available to them, students worked with great seriousness and those serving them brimmed with metta. I was deeply moved by the abundant good-will and purity of intention that laid the foundation of the friendships I developed at the servers’ table. Laboring and meditating in community with my dhamma siblings, the profoundly uplifting nature of walking alongside others on the path became clear and I smiled with greater depth than ever before.”

If you would like to be informed about future Non-Binary/Trans+ Courses, please reach out to Fey Shreefter at: [email protected].

Teenage Course

After a long wait, a teen course, for ages 13-17, will be held on Saturday, November 5th at the home of Mrs. Mehta,
44473 Maltese Falcon Square, Ashburn, VA 20147
Below is the course schedule page link which will open on October 2nd.
More information will be given upon acceptance to the course. Questions may be sent to:
[email protected].

Dhamma Pubbananda Garden Team

Dhamma Pubbananda Garden Team

Being an avid gardener is one of the joys of my life! I adore nurturing plants and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. I also enjoy the strength and mobility built by physical activity as well as the tactile pleasure of touching natural things and getting dirty. Sometimes, when faced with an upcoming garden service day, I think I’m too busy to come.. How can I afford to take time away from my own garden to come to the center and work there? But when I come to the center, I’m reminded of how special it is there. I get to sit for meditation with like minded people and spend time in the uplifting energy of the center. Dhamma Pubbananda is lovely. It also has a great need of your help. Our garden team is looking for “old students” and we are especially interested in servers with some gardening experience and those who have enough physical vigor to do the effort required of gardening.
Written by Erin Detwiler.
If you wish to contact Erin, Takae, or Lan (Garden Team Coordinators) email to:
[email protected].

Covid Update

Testing Protocols
Everyone coming will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A negative rapid antigen test result the day before arriving at the center. Please upload a picture of this test to your enrollment confirmation link found in your acceptance email.
  • Students and servers must bring additional tests for testing at the Center:
  • 10-day course, Satipatthana course and work period attendees must bring THREE additional tests: one each to be taken on the day of arrival at the Center, on the third day after arrival and on the sixth day after arrival.
  • 3-day course students and between-course-period servers must bring TWO additional tests: one for the day of arrival at the Center and one taken 2-3 days after arrival.
  • 1-day course students must bring ONE additional test: to be taken on the day of course at the Center.

Mask Protocols
Masks must be worn in all public spaces, in addition to maintaining social distancing at all times. Students must bring KN95, KF94, OR N95 only. Cloth masks and surgical masks are NOT allowed.
Mask may be removed:

  • In your private room
  • Outside
  • At your assigned seat in the Dining Hall when eating (must wear mask unless seated and eating/drinking)
  • In the meditation cells

Participants may now use public transportation or the ride share board online to travel to the center.