April 2024

Nirmala nirmala dharma kā, jo bhī pālaka hoya;
Namana kareṅ us santa kā, kisī jāti kā hoya..
– Dhamma Doha
He who is a nurturer of pristine Dharma;
We bow down to that one, whichever creed he may belong to.

Spring Dhamma Service Period

Sunday May 19 to Wednesday May 29

The winter chill has receded and the rains have softened the earth, providing enough nourishment for plants and trees that populate the Center. In the changing seasons, it’s now time to remove the fallen branches, leaves, and weeds from these winter storms. Part of springtime is to plant flowers and vegetables.

Center Manager, Doug Smith, says the Center is also planning to do a deep cleaning of several areas around the Center, including the kitchen, dining rooms, Dhamma Hall, student rooms and the Pagoda.

“Looking around the Center, there are a lot of exterior door frames that badly need painting. There are some gaping holes in the fence, because of trees falling on it, which need to be repaired. Indoors, some drywall needs to be repaired and painted. I’m sure we could easily keep 10-15 people busy with all the work that needs to be done,” Smith says.

If you like working with your hands, outside is a beautiful time of year for doing all that we need to be done! There’s lots of grounds keeping that requires some tender loving care so that students arriving feel they are in a cared for environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Center, and with fellow Dhamma sisters and brothers in the area, as well as to deepen our own practice, and enjoy the conducive environment at the Center. An Assistant Teacher (AT) will be there for the three group sittings per day, and to hold Worker’s Metta Sessions. You will also receive support and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about your practice.

Please apply here: https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/schedules/schpubbananda

Server Needs for Upcoming Courses at Dhamma Pubbananda

Dhamma Pubbananda is currently looking for Old Students to help serve on the following courses: 

10 Day course starting May 1: URGENT!  Need 2 full-time male and 1 full-time female servers.

10 Day course starting May 29:  Need 1 full-time male and 3 full-time female servers. 

Appreciation and Care of Center Trees

Anyone who has attended a course or served at the Delaware Center knows that the relatively small campus is home to several majestic trees that bear silent witness to novice and experienced meditators on their daily walks during a course.

The oldest (and biggest at 14 feet around the trunk!) is the American Beech tree pictured here. Located on the far side of the fence behind Building 4, it’s not currently accessible. Future construction plans for the Center are being prepared with the goal of protecting this beautiful tree and making sure it is accessible as part of the walking grounds.

The beech, native to Eastern North America, can grow up to a height of 115 feet and can live for a couple of 100 years..

This Spring, at the Dhamma Service period discussed below, there will be opportunities to help support the outdoors environment at the Center.