May 2024

Moment after moment after moment,
life keeps slipping by.
Make use of every moment;
the moment past will never come again. 
– Hindi Doha by S..N. Goenka Day 2

Urgent Server Needs for Satipatthana Course 6/12-6/21


The Satipatthana course that starts on 6/12 and ends on 6/21 is in URGENT NEED 

of servers. There is space for 3 full-time male servers and 3-4 full-time female 

servers. Please check your availability to serve full or part time.

There is space available for male students who wish to sit the course.

The 10-day course starting May 29 has space available for 1-2 full time female servers.

Please apply here:

Weekend Service Accommodations

The Center can now provide overnight accommodations for students who want 

to serve on the weekends at the end of a course, on Days 10 and 11.

Please register for part-time service, and you will be notified if space is available. 

You can come on Friday and/or Saturday night.  

1-Day Course in Norfolk VA

 You are invited to join a 1-Day course happening Saturday June 8th in Norfolk VA.

Apply online at Vipassana (

Pubbananda Building